A passion for yoga, meditation, crystals and the aesthetic come together in the creation of our beautifully unique jewelry.

20 years ago I moved together with my husband and children across the globe to New Zealand. This is where I found my passion for jewelry design and crystals. At the same point in time, I was introduced too yoga. The union between yoga and the stones and crystals I used to create my jewelry became a magic pairing and ever since I’ve been using the unique properties of crystals to ge to know myself better.

Each mala I make is completely unique and each crystal is handpicked by me for their specific power and energy. This is to ensure that you as the bearer receives a handmade mala with the guarantee that it is truly one of a kind. Use your piece with joy and wear it to absorb the positive traits that each crystal carries. You can also use your jewelry during meditation to manifest something into your life.

To charge the crystals with new energy you can let them bathe in moonlight (especially during a full or new moon). This is also a great time to set your intentions and manifest your dreams with the help of your crystals.

My crystals help me feel more beautiful, more confident and allow me to access the beauty that is all around us more easily. Each day I tune in with myself to see what I’m currently needing and will then pick my jewelry to match the energy I’m looking for. Together with my handmade jewelry the shop also offers other handpicked pieces from designers I find and love - this is Blush & Promise.

-Sussi Norberg.