Gua Sha Rose Quartz

195 kr

Gua Sha in rose quartz

A gua sha is used for facial massage which stimulates blood flow, helps your lymphatic system drain unwanted fluids and tighten your skin. Massaging your face and neck with gua sha is both anti-stressing and relaxing.

How to: Before beginning, make sure your face is cleansed and thoroughly moisturized with a face oil or cream. Use your gua sha tool in a 45 angle against the skin in an upwards motion. The tool should have a blunt edge against your skin, which you use to gently apply pressure over cheeks, forehead, jawline and anywhere you feel tension. If needed, use your other hand to gently stretch out the skin in the opposite direction of your massage. Repeat the sweeping motion with three to five slow strokes before moving to the next area of your face.