Truly Rose Quartz Hamsa Silver Necklace

375 kr

Detta halsband är tillverkat av färgade glaspärlor, mässingspärlor, en kristall i Rosenkvarts.

Hamsa symbolen står för beskydd, kvinnlig kraft och styrka.

Längd: 60cm

This necklace consists of an combination of coloured glass beads, brass beads, a rose quartz gemstone and a small silver plated brass coin with the symbola of a hamsa hand.

Rose quartz is the sweetest. The stone of love. For yourself and others. We tend to be quite unkind to ourselves. Rose quartz embraces you and loves you. 

The hamsa hand symbolizes protection, female power and energy. Wear this symbol to feel protected from all forms of negative energy. 

Lenght 60cm