Necklcae Prayer Box

995 kr

Discover a unique necklace, crafted with 6mm Riverstone and faceted Quartz, designed to bring a touch of spirituality into your life. At its heart, this necklace features a Tibetan prayer box pendant that allows you to hold and channel your deepest manifestations and prayers.The Riverstone, with its smooth and tranquil energy, guides you towards a serene state of mind. Its presence in this necklace signifies the flow of life and the ability to adapt to various circumstances, echoing the wisdom of the river. The faceted Quartz, like shimmering stars, add a touch of elegance and positive energy to this spiritual piece.Hold the Tibetan prayer box close to your heart and let it be a conduit for your intentions and spiritual aspirations. With each whisper of your desires, the pendant carries them into the universe, resonating with the ancient practice of prayer and manifestation.

Lenght: 74cm

Box: 4x2cm